Beside the investigation of contaminated sites and environmental analysis organic synthesis is an important activity of Envilytix GmbH. A special focus is on military chemicals and degradation products. Many rare compounds can be obtained directly from our stocks:

Catalog of Chemicals 09-2021

We offer custom synthesis of organic compounds of arsenic, nitrogen and sulfur. Standard procedures are arsonation, diazotization, condensation, halogenation, nitration, oxidation, reduction, reactions with alkali and alkaline earth metals as well as labeling of compounds with stable isotopes. Explosives can be handled in gram quantities. Reactions can be performed in standard reactors from 10 ml to 10 l, also under inert gas conditions or at low temperatures. In a pilot plant reactors up to 200 l are available. In general, all compounds have purities of 97-99%. Our analytical division provides all services necessary for process and quality control of the final products. All compounds are shipped with lot no. and a certificate of analysis.